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Listing Agreement



The FBIC Plaintiff Insurance "Find-A-Lawyer" Directory will carry your listing on a month-to-month basis at the fee set forth in your Sign Up Listing Application Form on a per county submission basis. You can Sign Up to be listed in more than one local area county. The FBIC Sign Up Listing Application Form allows for one county listing per submission. In order to be listed in more than one local area county requires multiple submissions, one for each local county area listing. The FBIC Plaintiff Insurance "Find-A-Lawyer" Directory will carry your listing on a month-to-month basis for each of the local area county(ies) listings submitted individually at the fee set forth in your Sign Up Listing Application Form. At the end of each month period, unless you indicate otherwise, FBIC will continue to extend your listing(s) and its priority.


You, the attorney / law firm ("you") confirm to The FBIC Plaintiff Insurance "Find-A-Lawyer" Directory and badfaithinsurance.org. ("FBIC", the "Company", "we" or "us"), that all information you submit for your Directory Listing is true, not misleading and that all persons named are members of the Bar in good standing in the jurisdiction in which the person is listed. You assume full responsibility for your listing.


FBIC reserves the right to decline to publish or remove all or any portion of any listing, and to edit and change the format of Practice Areas, pages and listings at any time.


FBIC tries to limit as necessary the number of local attorneys who may list in a local county Practice Area according to the size, density, population and need in each local county area.


FBIC will have no liability whatsoever to you, your firm or any attorney for any claim related to any errors or omissions in any listing(s). FBIC's entire liability for any claims or damages in the event of our negligence will be limited to the amount of space the error occurred or the amount of space in the case of an omission that the error would have used as it relates to the amount of charges paid for the period of occurrence in which the error occurred not to exceed one month. In the event that your entire listing is not available as a result of our negligence for the period you have paid for, FBIC's sole liability will be to extend the duration of your listing until it has been brought up to the period in error. In no event will FBIC or its affiliates be liable for any lost revenues, profits or for any consequential or indirect damages arising from or in any way related to this agreement. No claim, which may arise from this agreement, may be made nor action brought more than 90 days after the basis for the claim regardless of whether it is known or should have been known by the party desiring to make the claim.


You have no responsibility for any of the content on badfaithinsurance.org other than your own listing. Your listing does not imply either that you are endorsing, recommending or approving any of our content, or that we are endorsing, recommending or approving you. You may not use any of our content or our trademarks without our express written consent.


This agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties, superseding any and all prior proposals, understandings or agreements, oral or written, related to the subject matter hereof. Any modifications require signed written approval of an officer of the Company.

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is designed to help find qualified Bad-faith Insurance attorneys and law firms. Although not required, many of the attorneys and law firms listed in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory might provide a qualified prospective client with a free confidential initial consultation in cases as it is noted. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is not a lawyer referral service and at no time does it receive a portion of any lawyer's client fees for this service. The lawyers listed in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory have paid FBIC to publish their listings. Note: You should never retain a lawyer based solely on any advertisement or listing (including any listing contained within The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory). You should always investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability, as well as assess your level of comfortability and rapport before retaining a lawyer.

By using The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory you are agreeing that under no circumstances will FBIC, The FBIC Plaintiff Insurance Lawyer Directory, any lawyer listed or identified with the site, or any affiliates or links be responsible for any lawyer's competence, performance or results regarding advice given, responsiveness, failure to provide for a free initial consultation or meet any person's level of satisfaction with a lawyer. No attorney or law firm is responsible for any information or listing published by FBIC and The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory.

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is made available free of charge for individuals and businesses personal and non-commercial use. Any other use, reproduction or resale of information contained in this site is prohibited. Refer to FBIC's privacy policy, legal disclaimer and copyright, and conditions for use.

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