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Listing Fee and Practice Areas

The monthly subscription fee for lawyers and law firm's to have a listing and be included in the FBIC Plaintiff Insurance 'Find-A-Lawyer' Directory is based on the following pricing rate schedule per county according to the number of Practice Areas selected. (Note: The list of 'Practice Areas' follows the pricing rate schedule below).

Number Of Practice Areas       Monthly Fee ($)

            1                             35
            2                             60
            3                             80
            4                             95
             5                            105
             6                            115
             7                            125
             8                            135
             9                            145
            10                           155
            11                           165
            12                           175
            13                           180
            14                           185
            15                           190
            16                           195

Select From The Following Practice Areas:

                                            Computer/Intellectual Property
                                            Personal Injury & Accident
                                            Professional Malpractice
                                            Property & Casualty
                                            RICO (Civil)
                                            Toxic Mold
                                            Wrongful Death

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The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is designed to help find qualified insurance attorneys and law firms. Although not required, many of the attorneys and law firms listed in the FBIC Lawyer Directory might provide a qualified prospective client with a free confidential initial consultation, and in some cases it is noted. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is not a lawyer referral service and at no time does it receive a portion of any lawyer's client fees for this service.

Note: You should never retain a lawyer based solely on any advertisement or listing (including any listing contained within the FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory). You should always investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability, as well as assess your level of comfortability and rapport before retaining a lawyer. By using the FBIC Lawyer Directory you are agreeing that under no circumstances will FBIC, the FBIC Lawyer Directory, any lawyer listed or identified with the site, or any affiliates or links be responsible for any lawyer's competence, performance or results regarding advice given, responsiveness, failure to provide for a free initial consultation or meet any person's level of satisfaction with a lawyer. No attorney or law firm is responsible for any information or listing published by FBIC and The FBIC Lawyer Directory.

The FBIC Lawyer Directory is made available free of charge for individuals and businesses personal and non-commercial use. Any other use, reproduction or resale of information contained in this site is prohibited ... refer to FBIC's legal disclaimer, privacy policy and conditions for use.

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