The Medicare Band-Aid ® ... Sue

Employee Advocate – - August 22, 2003

The New York Times reported that the federal Medicare program may soon decide if an expensive lung operation would be covered. The treatment could be the last ray of hope for thousands of elderly patients. The problem is that Medicare benefits are shrinking to pay for tax cuts.

Many new medical treatments may not be available to those on Medicare. The way it usually works is that the doctors know what Medicare will not pay for and these treatments are not offered as an option for those unfortunate patients.

Patients have had to sue Medicare to get needed treatment. This is the system that most Duke Energy employees will be tossed into when they reach 65. The promised lifetime medical coverage has turned into a Band-Aid.®

Even the employees that have already retired and have company paid health coverage are at risk. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has proposed changing the rules so that these retirees can be forced into Medicare.

You may have to sue to get medical treatment and it looks like the only chance of receiving the pension that you were promised is to sue for it.

That’s the new trend. After working your whole life for certain benefits, you have to sue to stand a chance of receiving them!