Firms fight Ohio agency's release of data

The Associated Press
December 19, 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Dozens of private equity firms are fighting the release of a report by the state insurance fund for injured workers that the companies say contains trade secrets and other sensitive information.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation informed 68 private equity funds on Dec. 15 that in response to a public records request, it would release a report by Chicago-based consultant Ennis Knupp that outlines the market value of the agency's investments in the private equity funds.

The report will be released Jan. 6 barring a legal roadblock, Tom Sico, workers' comp legal director, said in a follow-up letter on Monday.

Releasing the report could be disastrous for the private equity funds as well as the companies they invest in, Carl Metzger, a Boston lawyer who represents several of the funds, said Wednesday.

"This is data that is highly confidential for these private companies," Metzger, who also handles public records issues for the National Venture Capital Association, a trade group.

Private equity funds involve investments in companies not listed on a public stock exchange.

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