State Farm Insurance refuses Coverage

By Jane Mundy staff writer
February 19, 2006

Steve Haase, from Bloomington, Minnesota was badly injured in a car accident May, 2004. State Farm insurance compensated him but now considers Haase “high risk” and refuses to insure his home.

Because of his no-fault insurance policy with State Farm, Haase was paid out a total of $20,000, which exhausted his benefits. But what infuriates Haase is that he has been a loyal and trusting customer with the same insurance company for 20 years. And this is how he is treated!

After the accident, Haase’s mother died and he moved into her house. “I asked my insurance representative if I could insure my mother’s house — State Farm had insured my house before the accident and I just wanted to have one policy,” Haase says.

“My insurance rep -- who I have known for more than 20 years -- said that State Farm wouldn’t insure me because I was considered a high risk.

“I am mad but there is not a whole lot I can do by myself… I got angry with him and he got angry with me and I haven’t spoken to him for more than six months. I will be shopping around for another insurance company this spring.

Insurance lawsuits are on the rise, now that the consumer is becoming aware that he or she does have recourse. It is appalling that insurance companies can act this way and think that they are above the law. If you have been denied coverage by an insurance company, you may want to consult an attorney.

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