Raid at AAA office (Dearborn, MI) nets Greenville man $220,000

Dee Morrison, Reporter
Grand Rapids, MI
December 27, 2005
Posted March 10, 2006

(Video no longer available; UPDATE Dec. 28, 2005: Greenville-Dearborn, MI): It took nine long years but today Glenn Williams of Greenville has the money he says he deserves.

Tuesday, Williams' lawyers stormed into the AAA office in Dearborn, armed with influential help - a collection attorney, deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and plain clothed officers. Their mission was to get claims lawyers say are owed to Williams, left a quadriplegic after an accident 10 years ago. He's fought for nine years against AAA to get his money, and AAA admits they denied those claims.

By Tuesday afternoon, AAA handed over a check to Williams for $220,000 after a court order that law enforcement could take computers, desks, chairs and other equipment that would equal the value of what Williams is owed.

Williams freely admits the accident that injured him was his own fault. He was driving drunk to see how fast his Corvette could go.

But under Michigan no fault insurance laws, he's entitled to certain benefits he'd paid for.

Williams hopes his case exposes big corporation thinking that they can get out of their obligations by outlasting and "out-lawyering" the little guy.

"I'm not kidding when I say they hope you die before they have to do anything for you. That's the truth," says Williams.

He hopes the case helps clarify no-fault insurance laws in Michigan and he encourages others not to give up. "If you believe you're right, continue to fight."

24 Hour News 8 has put in calls to AAA, but why the insurance company denied Williams' claim is not certain at this time.

According the Michigan's "No Fault" law, personal injury protection benefits consist of the reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred for the care, recovery and rehabilitation of the injured person.

If an insurance company suspects the injured party is making a claim above and beyond reasonable and necessary medical expenses, it can file an appeal.

We will continue to track down the details of this case and bring you the latest later on 24 Hour News 8.

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