Latest onslaught against patients stopped - thanks to you

Gordon Clark
Public Citizen's Congress Watch
May 10, 2006

Thanks to your calls and emails, the Republican leadership's latest onslaught against patients has been stopped in its tracks. 
S. 22, the bill that would have restricted the compensation an injured patient could recover from a negligent doctor and erected so many legal hurdles that it would have been extremely difficult to bring a claim at all, didn't even get a majority of votes when it came up this week, let alone the 60 needed to stop debate and move the bill forward.  S. 23 - the bill targeting the rights of women and children - met the same fate.  Your calls and emails played a major role in that!
Stay tuned for further updates, particularly as the Bush administration has signaled its intent to make similar attempts to restrict patients' rights a priority in the coming months. We'll be waiting for them! 

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