Steven R. Simon, P.A. Announces Filing of Class Action Suit against the Hartford for Underpayment of Hurricane Wilma Claims

Source: Steven R. Simon, P.A.
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July 29, 2009

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Steven R. Simon, P.A. announces that it has filed a class action lawsuit against Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest in Broward County Circuit Court yesterday. The lawsuit alleges that The Hartford refused to pay replacement cost coverage on Hurricane Wilma claims on policies it issued with replacement cost coverage unless and until the insured actually replaced the property.

The lawsuit alleges that this is in violation of Florida law, specifically Florida Statute § 627.7011(3) which was passed prior to Hurricane Wilma. This law requires insurers to pay their policyholders on policies issued with replacement cost coverage, the replacement cost, irrespective of whether the policyholder actually replaced the property.

The lawsuit alleges that The Hartford saved millions of dollars in claim payments by failing to comply with this statute. The Hartford was given an opportunity to pay replacement cost coverage to the named plaintiff's but refused to do so.

"We were surprised by The Hartford's refusal to pay the claims based on replacement cost coverage as required by the statute. The policyholders had purchased replacement cost coverage, but Hartford refused to comply with the statute," stated Steven R. Simon, Managing Attorney of Steven R. Simon, P.A.

"We felt this was wrong and filed the class action to protect Hartford's insureds who may not have knowledge that they are entitled to payment based on replacement cost coverage without having to first replace the damaged or destroyed property," Mr. Simon stated.

"We hope that the court will recognize that The Hartford is required to pay its insureds replacement cost coverage for Hurricane Wilma claims without hold back for depreciation."

Steven R. Simon, P.A. is a small law firm based in Miami, Fl. The firm represents policyholders in cases arising out of Hurricane claims and other natural disasters as well as claims for insurance coverage and damages against insurance companies. For a copy of the lawsuit or more information on the firm please call us at 305-358-6033 or visit our website at

Steve Simon, Esq., 305-358-6033

Source: Steven R. Simon, P.A.

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