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October 5, 2010

Of the more than 40 disability insurance companies that sell long-term disability insurance coverage, it is my opinion that Hartford is one of the worst disability insurance companies to deal with.

Hartford is a “two headed monster” that will hide behind the wall of ERISA disability laws in an effort to unfairly deny long term disability claims. I call them “a two headed monster” because they are a multi-billion dollar insurance company and no matter what any TV station, newspaper or court says about Hartford, they continue to handle disability insurance claims in the same manner.

Just about anyone that has had their long-term disability benefits denied by Hartford will tell you that Hartford:

  1. sent an investigator to their home for a 3-4 hours interview,
  2. showed them video surveillance of the claimant’s recent activities outside of the home,
  3. either sent the claimant to an IME Exam or had the file reviewed by an external doctor, and
  4. without notice to the claimant, sent a one-sided questionnaire or letter to the claimants treating physician in an effort to bait the doctor into saying the claimant can return to some type of work.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) was founded in 1810 and is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1810 a group of local merchants gathered in a Hartford Inn and, with working capital of $15,000, founded the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. The Hartford is one of the largest insurance and investment companies based in the United States, with offices in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and Ireland.

In 1913, the company formed The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company to provide a wide variety of insurance coverage, including accident, automobile-liability, personal-damage, business-interruption and more. In 1959, the company expanded into the life-insurance business by acquiring The Columbian National Life Insurance Company in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1970, The Hartford was acquired by ITT Corporation for $1.4 billion, at the time the largest corporate takeover in American history. The combined company was renamed ITT-Hartford Group, Inc. In 1995, ITT decided to streamline its operations and release some of its subsidiaries, and The Hartford became an independent entity once again, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HIG.” Two years later, the company changed its name from ITT-Hartford Group, Inc. to The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., and also issued an IPO for its Hartford Life business under the ticker symbol “HLI.” In 2000, The Hartford reacquired all the shares of Hartford Life, and HLI was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in 2006.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides insurance and financial services in the United States and internationally. It engages in life, and property and casualty insurance businesses. The life insurance business comprises six segments: Retail Products Group (Retail), Retirement Plans, International and Institutional Solutions Group (Institutional), Individual Life, Group Benefits, and International. Retail segment offers variable and fixed market value adjusted annuities, retail mutual funds, 529 college savings plans, and Canadian and offshore investment products. Retirement Plans segment provides products and services to corporations and municipalities. Institutional segment offers institutional liability products and variable private placement life insurance, as well as mutual funds to institutional investors. Individual Life segment sells variable universal, whole, and term life products. Group Benefits segment offers group life, accident, and disability coverage. International segment provides investments, retirement savings, and other insurance and savings products in Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Hartford recently reported revenues in excess of $24 billion dollars.

As disability insurance attorneys, Dell & Schaefer have represented numerous clients with their long-term disability claims against Hartford and its affiliated companies. Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have provided and offer the following legal services for disability claimants that have a long-term disability insurance policy or disability income policy purchased from Hartford:

  • Application for long-term disability benefits with Hartford
  • Application for short-term disability benefits with Hartford
  • Monthly claim handling of Hartford long-term disability insurance claims
  • Appeal of a Hartford denial of long-term disability benefits
  • ERISA appeal of a Hartford denial of long-term disability benefits
  • Lawsuit against Hartford for denial of long-term disability benefits
  • Lump-sum buyout of a Hartford long-term disability insurance policy
  • Department of Insurance complaints against Hartford for wrongful delay and denial of long-term disability benefits
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