Herb Denenberg, Former Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Advocate & Insider Confirms Insurers Mass Denials And Widespread Non-Payment Of Claims Practices


(Read the truth about what former insurance commissioners, insurance executives and insiders have to say. Bad faith insurance although illegal is nothing new. Unfortunately, it is an endemic part of the history of the U.S. insurance industry and today it is becoming a commonly known, widespread and serious problem growing to epidemic proportions. It is not often that the public gets to know and read the truth of what's really happening behind the closed doors from within the insurance industry at the top from insiders and get the opportunity to view closely held information, internal documents, information and evidence as revealed, uncovered, exposed, and offered to you here in this FBIC Department, "From The Horse's Mouth".)

Herb Denenberg is a former state of Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner. (To view Herb Denenberg's impressive Bio very much worth reading, click here). We have much evidence, quotes, statements and articles on bad faith insurance and other important related insider insurance information and advice from this highly regarded and outspoken consumer advocate to share with you. Herb Denenberg tells it like it is from the inside. (Of note: Although a number of Herb's articles reference Pennsylvania, FBIC recognizes and confirms that his comments with rare exception are valid and apply at the very least to all of the moderately to highly populated states and even some of the lesser populated states unless otherwise noted. His comments may also moreso apply to states where the insurance commissioner is appointed as opposed to being voted into office. Herb's articles are insightful, are in agreement and confirm many if not all of FBIC's beliefs, allegations and fears on bad faith insurance. Click here to view Insiders and Insurance Commissioner Herb Denenberg's articles. (Then, just click on the title(s) of interest you wish to read.)

Herb Denenberg, former insurance commissioner for The State of Pennsylvania and a leading consumer advocate offers up an eye-opening compendium of some 30 insider articles on the insurance industry. The articles deliver awareness and attention to the industry's bad faith insurance claims practices, deceptive sales practices, and its spiraling out of control high cost of insurance, proving burdensome to today's businesses and beyond the affordability of many or most consumers. (FBIC Note: In some cases the spiraling out of control increases and high costs of some insurance i.e. medical malpractice, health insurance, etc. have recently reportedly been proven in studies done by The U.S. Government General Accounting Office (GAO) and other reliable independent sources to be unfounded and without basis). (FBIC note: purportedly, the insurance industry is responsible for significantly more than 50% of the legal civil cases on our country's court dockets today.) In an industry known for its litigious ways and subsequently one that intimidates, instills fear rather than security, and scares the life out of many if not most of the country's media and bravest citizens among us, FBIC and its many thousands members and supporters, if not most all America, applaud and are truly grateful to Commissioner Denenberg who was the first insider to come forth and speak out. To find out more on what Herb Denenberg has to say about these industry problems and to learn from this top industry expert's highly valued advice, click here.

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