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Travel Health Insurance. It's three a.m. on the Left Bank, when you awake with the nauseating certainty that you are about to experience the downside of nouvelle cuisine. Or perhaps you have just left the Brazilian rainforest with strong evidence that malaria still exists in this world. Quick — will your health insurance cover medical attention on foreign soil?

As trade and political barriers fall, international travel is on the rise, and with it, the need to insure yourself and your family against illness and injury while away from home. The good news is, there are International Travel Health Insurance plans available to nearly any person, family, or group living almost anywhere in the world.

A travel health plan covers you against illness or injury while you are traveling to foreign countries. You may originate from any qualified country for travel to any foreign country. These plans also cover medical emergency evacuation to the nearest medical facility or to your home. This policy is guaranteed issue within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after submission of your on-line application. Premiums can be paid by credit card, and no signatures are required.

Another form of coverage is International Health Insurance, a plan for individuals and families who live in any qualified country and who desire a high quality U.S.-style health insurance policy.

International Health Insurance allows you to visit any board-certified doctor or licensed hospital. These plans typically have a calendar-year deductible, a specific co-insurance — usually 80/20% — and a lifetime benefit maximum of up to five million U.S. dollars. Your medical bills are sent to a state-side claims administrator for processing and the payments go to either yourself or the medical provider.

Both Travel and International Health Insurance products incorporate a pre-existing period for chronic conditions. For example, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes within five years prior to your medical coverage application, the insurance provider will not cover any related medical.

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